6in Translucent Rulers

6in Translucent Rulers

12pt Linen Cover

This cover stock has the texture of a semi-rough paper that emulates the look of linencloth with slightly lifted grooves to give a textured feel. You may be familiar with this type of stock from business cards or notecards as it offers a unique non-glossy look with a subtle, woven, fabric-like finish.



13pt Enviro 100 FSC

Enviro 100 is made from 100% post-consumer fiber and is FSC certified.  This is commonly used when recycled paper content is a priority to the client. This stock tends to be grainer in look, feel and has less opacity as the paper has a more natural colour to it and is not bleached white like many other papers.



15pt c1s

15pt c1s board is a card stock that is thicker and more durable than normal writing.  The c1s is an abbreviation for coated one side.  This type of card stock is often used for business cards, post cards or golf cards that require the ability to write, stamp or imprint on them with the greatest success while still having a shiny front side for better marketing effect.  It is also commonly used for cover in perfect bound books as it bonds better with glue when the covers are uncoated on the inside.



16pt c2s

16pt c2s is thicker than standard business cards and adds more rigidity to your printed product.  It has a glossy finish and steadier feel than business cards produced by copiers.  This is our most common card stock used in a wide range of products such as business cards, post cards and presentations folders to state a few.



18pt c2s

Our 18pt c2s with its best-in-class surface smoothness creates a look and feel that redefines quality. Often used for high quality business cards, invites or small box packaging.  A full, double coating on both sides makes images pop—both front and back— with the Matte Art it becomes one of the smoothest print surface in its category. Unlike traditional laminated cards, Matte art delivers crisper colors and sharper contrast while maintaining optimal color fidelity on press and dynamic visual appeal. A unique thicker fiber mix and finishing process gives you an extra stiff, sturdy coated cover for a finished piece you’ll love. And this love lasts as does the printed piece.

AQ Gloss

AQ is an abbreviation for Aqueous Coating. It is a semi-gloss applied to your job during the printing process, environmentally friendly, water-based coating applied to both sides of you printed product. It adds additional gloss and protection, and you are able to write on it with ballpoint pens.



UV High Gloss

UV is an abbreviation for Ultraviolet Coating. It is a high gloss clear liquid; spread over the paper like ink and then cured instantly with an ultraviolet light.  It is not an ideal solution for products you will need to write on.



MatteArt + SpotGloss

Matte Art with Spot Gloss is a very unique, high quality and desirable option for your printed product.  It is often used in higher quality business cards, invitations, pocket folders and packaging to name a few.  Many people associate the texture to having a suede like feel to it.  Unlike traditional matte lamination, colours are better preserved and since it is not a plastic, you don’t need to worry about cracking or peeling.  The spot gloss can add a contrasting effect when the artwork is designed well to support it.

Die Cutting - Die Supplied

Yes you can supply your own die or if you have ordered this exact product before and have confirmed we still have the die onsite, you can use this selection. It will save you the cost of making the die itself. Another great reason for using Printer Gateway Inc.


Die Cutting - Die Custom

Selecting this option covers the cost of die cutting and ordering a standard die for the job. We will catalogue this die and it can be available for future orders. Once you have completed your first order, in future you can select the Die Supplied option and save on the cost of your repeat orders. Please note that custom die cutting pricing is based on standard complexity die's and there is a possibility that your die could be more expensive because of the intricacies of the die lines. Over 95% percent of the custom dies requested fall within our pricing. However if you are concerned and would like to be on the safe side, please submit a custom quote request and be sure to include a copy of the die line or artwork so that our estimating department can quote your job properly.

File Orientation is only required for double sided jobs or files with multiple pages of graphics artwork.  We require that your artwork is uploaded and submitted ready for print (Press Ready) and that the orientation of the pages inside the file are correct.  Please pay careful attention to the head and foot of each page as it is important in getting a properly printed product.  It is impossible to change the orientation and layout once your file has been uploaded.  The image below will help you in understanding the requirements for printing and what your artwork file orientation needs to be setup life.  You can also use our preset templates to help you as well.



Preparing Files for Print

General Artwork Preparation Guidelines

  1. Download our template/guide to ensure proper placement of images and text.

  2. Each order submitted including multiple paged projects MUST be submitted as a single PDF file. Please ensure that all pages have the proper orientation to ensure proper back up. They must also have bleed and make sure each page are all the same size.

  3. It is always a best practice to try to avoid using borders in your design. If a border is too close to the trim, the trim may be slightly off-center. Even a hairline difference can cause your design to look off centered.

  4. File must consist of a 1/16" bleed (books and magazines will require an 1/8”). All of the relevent graphics and text must be within the safety margin unless you intend to have part of it cut off(this is sometimes the desired effect, so please make sure it is done the way you would like it printed)

  5. Ensure that your PDF process colour (CMYK) and saved in high resolution. As a rule it is suggested all files should be saved at 300 DPI. Spot Colours and coating will need to be set up as such within the chosen layers. Additional charges will apply if applicable.

  6. We recommend that all black type should have the following values: C0, M0, Y0, K100.

  7. Make sure all of your fonts are properly embed or outline when saving your file as a PDF.

  8. In order to achieve the best colour results, it is important for you to supply your artwork as CMYK files. If your artwork is submitted as RGB, it will be converted to CMYK and may not match the colours you are expecting. Please note that all offset printed work is printed in CMYK or PMS and can not be produced in RGB unless converted. This is an automated process for us and we suggest if you are designing your files, you should also consider designing in CMYK mode instead of RGB.

See our FAQ page for more details.

Large Format Guidelines

  1. Although bleed is not required for large format projects, often it is preferred. When saving your artwork if you wish to have bleed, please add 1/8” to your canvas size.

  2. Please compress your file using a ZIP file compressor to reduce the file size and speed up the uploading process when submitting your orders.

Coated 1 Side (C1S) Guidelines

  1. Please follow the general artwork guidelines and…

  2. Be sure that the first page of your PDF file is the side that you want to be on the coated side of the card. Please keep in mind that the second page of your PDF will always be printed on the uncoated side.

Envelopes Guidelines

  1. Please use crop marks to help us align your logo placement. In the absence of crop marks, printing will be 3/8” from the top based on general industry standards for envelopes.

  2. All text must be within the safe margin. Envelope artwork cannot have bleed unless they have been custom quoted by our estimating department and if this is the case, the must be submitted as a custom upload order.

  3. Please make sure that you do not have creative or text 1/8” from any of the edges.

Numbered Tickets Guidelines

  1. In order to make sure your ticket order is numbered correctly, ensure that you include the following files:

    1. Your PDF file of your artwork (with no numbering in the artwork)

    2. Also include an excel or csv file containing list of numbers you will need printed on your tickets.

    3. Please make a mock up version of your artwork showing where and how you need the numbers placed. Please make sure this file is clearly labeled as a mocked up sample.

Variable Printing Guidelines

  1. In order to make sure your variable printing order is produced correctly, please ensure that you include the following files:

    1. Your PDF file of your artwork (without any variable text in it).

    2. Also include an excel or csv file containing list of variable data you need printed on your order.

    3. Please make a mock up version of your artwork showing where and how you need the variable data placed. Please make sure this file is clearly labeled as a mocked up sample.




All times shown above are for EST - Eastern Standard Time. When you place an order, please keep in consideration that there are various turnaround times for each product and standard option configuration.  Additional Options that may be selected also increase the time required for production.  We have established a robust system in the backend that allows for your order to be produced at industry defining speeds and standards.  We provide next day service for those rush orders that you just need urgently.  Our online and production capabilities combined with our retail network allows you 24 hour access to our services.


These turnaround times are a guide only as they are based on receiving fully print ready files and for standard orders.  Required changes to files to make print-ready and errors requiring correction will lead to a longer than expected production and processing time.


When additional options are selected (including some options like folding), the turnaround time shown will increase for your order.  We will confirm the total turnaround time with you by e-mail within a few hours of your submission.  If you would like to know the turnaround time for a certain configuration including additional options before ordering, please use the Quote Request button at the top menu to make an inquiry.


We calculate our turnaround times based on a regular volume of orders and specifications.  Extra handling required, including boxing, international or express shipping will vary the turnaround time.  Custom uploads and orders will still be produced at the quickest possible time for your convenience.  We will keep you updated on the status of your order through your account.


These turnaround times do not take into consideration Holidays and special events, although we do meet our client requests where and when possible!

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